Mitchell faculty in the news, through Nov. 8

Following is a summary of Mitchell faculty and programs recently featured in the media.

Professor Kim Dayton was quoted in a Star Tribune article about current issues related to court-appointed guardians and conservators. “One of the reasons guardianship systems are prone to abuse in some cases is because they are so very much under the radar and because state courts lack the resources to address some of the problems we know exist,” said Dayton. “Bringing guardianship systems to the public attention is part of the accountability process.”

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Professor Sarah Deer was quoted in Women’s eNews about the recently passed Tribal Law and Order Act, which supporters, including President Obama, say is an important step toward helping the federal government better address the unique public safety challenges that confront tribal communities.

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Professor Deer was interviewed by reporters about the release of “Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota,” a report she co-authored.

Professor Peter Erlinder was quoted in an article in The Republic about  a federal judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit against Rwandan President Paul Kagame. “We think it’s just completely wrong that he could have any immunity at all, because these killings took place before he was president of Rwanda and before he was in any government at all,” Erlinder said. “And the Supreme Court has already explained that in that sort of situation, you can’t have immunity.”

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Professor Colette Routel was included in an Indian Country article about a recent U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hearing addressing the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2009 ruling on Indian trust lands. Routel testified that the decision resulted in a large number of frivolous challenges to trust acquisitions.

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The Center for Elder Justice and Policy was mentioned in a Detroit Lakes Tribune article about a bill recently introduced by U.S. Sen. Al Franken that could help guarantee Minnesota seniors basic rights and protection from abuse and neglect. Representatives from the center helped shape the bill’s language.

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