Patterson Thuente IP Lecture 2013

Watch a replay of USPTO Acting Director’s speech at Mitchell

Teresa Stanek Rea, Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Acting Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office, spoke at the 4th Annual Patterson Thuente IP Lecture Tuesday, May 21.

Teresa Stanek Rea

Teresa Stanek Rea

During her remarks before an audience of law school students, lawyers, inventors, and business leaders at William Mitchell College of Law, Rea, explained her vision for the future of the USPTO. She will also discussed the role patents play in fostering economic prosperity, a topic fitting for Minnesota, considering a recent Brookings Institution report placed the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area ninth out of 358 metropolitan areas for the number of patents issued annually.

In addition, she praised William Mitchell’s Intellectual Property Institute faculty for helping kick start the America Invents Act Pro Bono Program, saying “You guys started it all.”

Watch event video

You can watch the lecture below.