FILL Students 2013

High school students ful-FILLed in summer program at Mitchell

For many kids, June is a time to say goodbye to school and let their brains chill out. But the two dozen high school students who headed to William Mitchell for two weeks this June found their brains even more stimulated than ever—and they loved it.

FILL Students 2013

FILL Students 2013

The students were part of the Future in Learning Law, or FILL program, which gives students with diverse backgrounds an introduction to the field of law. The group got to meet people from various aspects of the law, work on their writing and speaking skills, and take part in a mock trial.

Sarah Korus of Eden Prairie liked the program so much last year, she came back.

“I really enjoyed the trial process last year when I was a witness, so this year I wanted to try being an attorney,” she said. “I learned that there are a lot of things you can do with a law degree—you don’t have to just do law. It’s good to know there are more options than you think there are. And it’s a great way to meet people.”

“It’s amazing how much these kids learn in just two weeks,” said Assistant Dean and Director of Multicultural Affairs Lawrencina Oramalu. “They also make great friendships, many of which can last a lifetime.”

“The people I met were really awesome,” said Jaleh Shambayati of St. Paul Central High School. “It’s nice to meet people who have goals and interests similar to yours–to work with them and talk with them and just get to know them.”

The FILL program not only helps students with their practical skills, it helps them boost their confidence.

“I feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable with public speaking and doing the mock trial was a really interesting experience,” said participant Aleah Felton.

Fellow FILL-er Isabel Riemer agreed.  “I developed confidence and the ability to be more open minded,” she said. “I would recommend the program because it’s really good just starting you off, even if you don’t know anything about law.