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Mitchell faculty in the news

July 2013

Colette Routel

Professor Colette Routel was a guest on Minnesota Public Radio’s “Daily Circuit,” talking about a Supreme Court ruling that federal law doesn’t require that a Native American girl be given back to her biological father, but also doesn’t clear her adoptive parents to immediately regain custody of the now 3-year-old child.

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John Radsan

Professor Radsan was a guest on Minnesota Public Radio’s “Daily Circuit,” talking about national security issues.

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Professor Radsan was also part of a Daily Circuit panel discussing the Boston Marathon bombing suspect and his Miranda rights.

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Ken Port

Professor Ken Port was quoted in a New York Times story about trademark bullying and a family’s fight to protect its name.

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Professor Port was also quoted in an article about credit cards and rewards programs.on, an outlet that covers the personal finance industry.

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Anthony Winer 

Professor Anthony Winer was on Minnesota Public Radio discussing the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decisions on same-sex marriage.

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Raleigh Hannah Levine

Professor Raleigh Hannah Levine was quoted in a St. Paul Pioneer Press article about a man suing a charter school after his daughter was not allowed to pass out anti-abortion fliers.

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Sarah Deer

Professor Sarah Deer was part of a discussion on the website In These Times about the Violence Against Women Act and who it has benefited.

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