E-Discovery experts to tackle tough e-discovery issues at seminar

Attend “You Love it, You Hate it. Now You Have to Live With it: E-Discovery” and you’ll hear a variety of perspectives on what e-discovery requires in litigation and the latest nuances in the e-discovery world. Speakers and panelists include in-house and outside counsel, judges and technology experts.

You Love it, You Hate it. Now You Have to Live With it: E-Discovery
Friday, Oct. 4 | 9 am–4:30 pm
William Mitchell College of Law Auditorium

Attendees of the symposium will receive a complimentary copy of Volume 40, Issue 2 of the William Mitchell Law Review, which will include the articles written by the Minnesota E-Discovery Working Group, a grass-roots organization that was founded in 2011 with the goal of writing five separate papers that address various aspects of e-discovery best practices from a Minnesota perspective and that could be used as a resource by both judges and lawyers in Minnesota.

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Registration is $130, with a reduced rate of $50 for judges and public service attorneys (use discount code – PUBLICSERVICE). Free for students (use discount code – WMCLSTUDENTS). Be sure to complete the form as the contact information entered will be used to send you your copy of the law review. Note: No refunds for cancellations after 5:00p.m. on Monday, September 30.

Application will be made for 5.0 standard and 1.0 ethics CLE credits. Co-sponsored by: American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), MSBA Civil Litigation and Computer/Technology sections,  Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association and Minnesota Judges Association (MJA).

The Agenda

8:30–9 am

REGISTRATION; continental breakfast

9–9:05 am

Welcome remarks by Dean and President Eric Janus

9:05–9:15 am

Introduction and Agenda by Master of Ceremonies, Emily E. Duke

9:15–10:05 am

Overview of legal obligations and ethics considerations in relation to electronic discovery. The rules allow discovery of “reasonably accessible” electronically stored information – but what does that mean? What is proportionality? How can I keep the e-discovery obligations proportional with the size/merits of my case without getting hit with sanctions?

10:05–10:20 am


10:20–11:10 am

Who, where, what, when, and how does your client keep its information? Best practices for working with clients to preserve relevant, discoverable information. Learn about the types of things to ask your client in order to identify sources of electronically stored information (and paper), and how to implement an effective litigation hold.

11:10 am–noon

So, now I know what to preserve, but how the heck can I do that? I’m an attorney, not an IT specialist! Learn about technologies and resources to help you figure out how to preserve different media, including computers and networks, information stored on social media, smartphones, and tablets.


LUNCH hosted by our generous technology/litigation support providers: Enterprise Knowledge Partners (eKp), @Legal Discovery LLC, Recommind, Shepherd Data Services.

12:45–1:15 pm

Keynote speaker*:
Judge Jerry Abrams with introduction from Professor Michael Steenson

“New rules on e-discovery, focusing on two new areas: Expedited Litigation Track (ELT) cases and Complex Litigation cases

*Due to the government shutdown, the conference’s original luncheon speaker, Kyle Loven is unable to attend. Judge Abrams has graciously agreed to share his expertise with attendees in Mr. Loven’s absence. 

1:30–2:20 pm

Wow! I had no idea how many gigabytes or terabytes one client could generate! Learn best practices for creating and implementing a review and production strategy that you can bring to your discovery conference and defend if challenged.

2:20–3:10 pm

Technology again!?! Not every case is complex, and your review/production doesn’t have to be either … but clients now have more information, and it is stored on more devices. Learn about IT technologies that are available for cases, from the simple to the complex, to help you review and produce responsive information in the age of “Big Data.”

3:10–3:25 pm


3:25–4:30 pm

The Dueling Sanctions Motions–mock oral argument with commentary and reactions from Judges. Outlaw Clothing v. Willow Manufacturing   

4:30–5:30 pm

RECEPTION by our generous law firm hosts: Briggs and Morgan, Fredrikson & Byron P.A.

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E-Discovery Conference