Trademark Law and Policy Third Edition

Professor’s new book is definitive text on trademark law

Professor Ken Port, in his newly-revised textbook, gives students an updated examination of the ever-changing trademark issues related to the Internet. The Third Edition of “Trademark Law and Policy,” published this month, includes a section on cybersquatting, which is when a non-trademark owner registers someone else’s name or trademark as a domain name.

Kenneth L. Port

Kenneth L. Port

“This is significant because every young trademark attorney first faces cybersquatting cases before most anything in the practice area,” Port says. “Students of this book leave knowing what they will practice and what they will need to do the job.”

The book begins with a section on litigation, set in the context of its origins, and also includes a good dose of trademark law theory.

“Good lawyers know what the right answer is to a question,” says Port. “Great lawyers know why that answer is right.  I want my students to not only know what the right answer is or should be in any given case but also why that must be so.  That makes a persuasive lawyer.”