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Professor brings Mitchell’s practical wisdom to Hong Kong

Mitchell’s hands-on approach to law education has gotten the attention of educators halfway across the world. Professor John Sonsteng has been invited to Hong Kong to speak at a legal education conference on Oct. 26, 2013. Sonsteng will present at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Law Faculty’s summit on “Legal Education in The Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges.”

John O. Sonsteng, Professor of Law

John O. Sonsteng, Professor of Law

“They’re interested in on how law schools can be a better source of training,” says Sonsteng. “We’ve found that lawyers are better prepared than they used to be, but the source of the training is a person’s own experience.”

Sonsteng’s presentation, “A Legal Education Renaissance,” will focus on his research into how law schools can use the tools they have available to give students a better, more practical education.

“I want to leave them with the idea that we’re addressing the serious obligation law schools have to improve the way they teach and provide students more for their money,” he says. “We are doing that at Mitchell, getting students that necessary experience so they’re leaving here ready to be good lawyers.”

Sonsteng and a professor from the University of Michigan will be the only Americans speaking at the conference. Other speakers will come from law schools in China, Australia, Great Britain, and Germany, among others.

“When I look at all the people who will be there, it’s kind of overwhelming,” he says. “But I can’t wait to meet them and hear all their ideas.”

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