ABA-Accredited Hybrid Program

Mitchell launches Legal Residency Program for students

This spring semester, William Mitchell College of Law launched its inaugural Legal Residency Program in criminal law and family law for students in their final semester of law school.

The Legal Residency Program is a collaboration between Mitchell and the area’s legal practitioners. Its goal is to better train and prepare law students for the practice of law.

Students in the Legal Residency Program participate in a three-credit weekly seminar taught by a professor with expertise in the area of law in which the student will be working. Together, the students and professors focus on developing lawyering skills such as counseling clients and preparing for and appearing in court.

Students also work at least three full days each week at their residency sites, which this spring include:

  • State Public Defender’s Office
  • St. Croix County District Attorney’s Office
  • Colich & Associates
  • Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office
  • Federal Public Defender’s Office
  • United States Attorney’s Office
  • Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid (Minneapolis and St. Cloud)
  • Central Minnesota Legal Services
  • Waggoner Law Office
  • Family Law Referee-Hennepin County

The Legal Residency Program builds on the success of Mitchell’s well-established externship program, which last year had more than 300 students participating, most of whom received three to four credits for their externship.

Combined with the law school’s nationally ranked clinical program, robust externship program, and partnership with the Minnesota Justice Foundation, the Legal Residency Program gives Mitchell students unmatched opportunities to gain practical, real-world experience during each year of law school.