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Mitchell students awarded clerkships, gain hands-on experience

Mitchell students frequently secure judicial clerkships with the college’s help, part of Mitchell’s tradition of giving its students excellent opportunities to succeed. In 2013, several current or former students are, or will be, clerking, with two of them landing coveted federal clerkships. Continue reading →

Center for Law and Business gives students crucial skills and added marketplace value

A one-of-a-kind program is giving Mitchell students even more essential tools as they prepare for a career in law, business, or both. The Center for Law and Business recently began its second academic year of offering students courses with a non-law business curriculum, along with traditional business law courses. Continue reading →

Outstate Minnesota

Event to explore life and the practice of law in Greater Minnesota

If you’ve ever thought about practicing law in Greater Minnesota, you won’t want to miss this event sponsored by the MSBA Outstate Practice Section, the William Mitchell Office of Career and Professional Development, and the Hachey Initiative: “My advice is to look beyond the metropolitan areas. There’s so much more opportunity in Greater Minnesota.” —Barbara J. Runchey …