How do the courses taken in law school prepare you for success?

A comprehensive path through your legal education

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In each Pathway, you’ll find materials designed by the faculty members who teach in that area—materials that will help you chart your individual path through law school and on to the profession of law.

These Pathways Contain

The Pathway Home Page

This page introduces you to the career possibilities in that area of law. You’ll find out who teaches those subjects and how to contact professor who can provide information about that Pathway and particular courses. In several Pathways you’ll find that Mitchell has a center or institute dedicated to that practice area.

The Pathway Curriculum Guide

There are almost 200 courses open to you after you’ve completed your required courses. Pathway curriculum guides show core, recommended, and other courses to consider consider in the first, second, and third stage of a Pathway. Keep in mind that you are not expected to take all courses or even all core courses, and there is no one right Pathway for every student. Chart your curriculum to meet your needs, interests, and number of credits.

The help icon on Pathway curriculum guides will explain how to go from exploring courses to building a printable schedule of your courses in a Pathway.

Links & Resources

Most Pathways have additional resources for you to explore. These can include student organizations, bar association practice areas, research tools, and related links compiled by the Warren E. Burger Law Library reference librarians.


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