Foreign, International, and Comparative Law Pathway

In the years to come, the global context of legal practice will become increasingly pronounced.  Practice areas that had formerly involved mostly domestic law will take on more of an international dimension.  At William Mitchell, we are aware that our students need to be prepared for success when international or cross-border situations arise in their practice areas.  A major focus of the international curriculum at William Mitchell is to provide the necessary background and training to help assure for this success.

Courses in such areas as International Business Transactions, European Union Law and Comparative and International Copyright and Trademark Law are available to help students gather experience in the more global aspects of modern “domestic” practice.  The survey course in Public International Law is also available to provide a basic foundation in the general concepts of international law.

For those students who maintain a distinct interest in the international arena, the curriculum also has other specialized courses in Foreign, international and comparative law.  This Pathway has been constructed for students who wish to pursue these areas in greater depth.  For students interested in further research in international topics, the William Mitchell curriculum includes a somewhat unusual practical seminar on International Law Research Methods.  Among the additional courses included in this Pathway are Comparative Law: Japanese Law, Introduction to Islamic Law, and Comparative Law: Lawyers—Opponents of Democracy?  For students interested in business law, the course in Drafting International Business Agreements will be particularly useful skills course.

William Mitchell has a strong presence in the international community. From our international programs for students to the global work of our alumni and faculty, we understand the value in providing students with an international perspective.

Our students study abroad. Our alumni work throughout the world. And our faculty are internationally renowned for their legal expertise, scholarship, teaching, and public service.
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Students taking the occasional, individual course in this Pathway will be exposed to the necessary concepts of, and background for, the international situations encountered in these courses.  Students following the Pathway on a more continual basis will obtain even deeper familiarity and facility, providing breadth and enrichment that can be valuable for a broad variety of practice areas.

Students can also enrich their curricular involvement with International Law through the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court program, and also by participating in the campus chapter of the International Law Students Association.  William Mitchell also sponsors or co-sponsors a large number of summer foreign-study programs.