Intellectual Property Law Pathway

William Mitchell College of Law’s intellectual property law program is distinguished by its extensive, broad-based curriculum, its accomplished faculty, a vibrant student body, and a wealth of successful alumni.


William Mitchell’s intellectual property curriculum is organized into three pathways: copyrights, patents, and trademarks. A pathway is also offered for students who plan on practicing in transactional areas, such as corporate law. Each pathway has foundational courses, which provide an overview of intellectual property law, and advanced courses, which provide detailed knowledge of the law and policy of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

The patent law pathway includes a unique five-credit, two-semester patent law course, covering the history, philosophy, and economics, as well as the law and policies, of the patent law system.

The copyright, patent, and trademark law pathways are designed as a series of courses that build on each other. Students are advised to work with an intellectual property professor to choose which courses will best fit their career objectives.

Intellectual Property Institute

With a nationally and internationally recognized faculty, the institute advances the college’s IP program, which features an extensive, broadbased curriculum focused on patent, trademark, and copyright law.  For students, the institute bridges the gap between legal theory and practice, providing them valuable opportunities to develop practical skills in a variety of specialized areas.


Many students in William Mitchell’s intellectual property law program are members of SIPLA, the Student Intellectual Property Law Association. They organize intellectual property-related lectures, events, and a career fair, offer peer support, and network with employers.

Student Intellectual Property Law Association


William Mitchell alumni work in all areas of intellectual property law throughout the United States and internationally. Alumni act as mentors to first-year students and are a good resource for career advice and employment.