Real Estate Law Pathway

Real estate law relates to any legal issue involving real property. Real estate lawyers represent buyers, sellers, lenders, developers, and anyone else who is associated with the purchase, sale, or financing of real estate.

Some lawyers practice real estate law exclusively, while others practice real estate law in tandem with other practice areas such as tax, estate planning, environmental law, or commercial law. Some real estate lawyers work for large law firms, but real estate law also lends itself to solo or small-group practice settings in which lawyers represent individuals and businesses in a wide range of transactions that involve real estate. Many companies include real estate lawyers in their in-house legal departments. Lawyers for large retailers, for example, help their clients buy land and build stores throughout the United States and around the world. Title insurers, mortgage companies, and banks hire real estate lawyers, and so do public-interest entities that work to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Local, state, and federal units of government hire real estate lawyers to participate in such wide-ranging areas as land-use planning, public finance, and eminent domain.