Interactive Games for Law Firm Recruitment

Gretchen DeSutter, “The Game” Stuns Attendees at Legal Marketing Awards Program, Legal Current, Feb. 2011, available at“the-game”-stuns-attendees-at-legal-marketing-awards-program/.

How can law students know what working at a firm is really like?  Think realistic gaming.  As showcased as the World Expo 2011 in Shanghai, law firms have been using realistic games to recruit students.  According to the article, “Throughout, players are faced with video and text chats, film clips, emails, CNN new flashes, websites and more than 100 fictional documents to inform their counsel.”  Also according to the article, The Game is very realistic, with 3D visuals, actors, and over 100 fictional documents.  Thomson-Reuters recently awarded this innovative, state-of-the-art tool with the Excellence in Legal Marketing Award.

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