BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology

CNN reports that history teacher, Enrique Legaspi, attended a seminar in San Francisco about incorporating technology in the classroom.  Since then, asked his students to bring any technology that will connect them to the Internet.

He asks his students to submit  “tweet” in class, complete with the # sign. The tweets then get projected onto a digital chalkboard.

Legaspi’s primary goal was to increase class participation.  Legaspi says that it has helped students find their voice and has engaged the shy students in his class.

CNN reports that it has also helped students outside of the classroom. One student, Oscar Lozoria, says that kids have stopped teasing him since the project has started. Lozoria says that he feels like his tweets are getting him noticed. “[Other students] see me as somebody now. Like an equal,” Lozoria says.

Legaspi teaches at a public school in East Los Angeles.

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