A Postponed Generation

An article in the New York Times titled, “Generation Limbo: Waiting It Out” discusses the repercussions that many newly graduated students are facing with the job market due to the economy.

The article titled, “Generation Limbo: Waiting It Out, describes this generation of students as the Generation Limbo: “highly educated 20-somethings, whose careers are stuck in neutral, coping with dead-end jobs and listless prospects”. The article focuses on numerous students who have undergraduate degrees from varying school  such as Harvard and Columbia University, who are unable to start their careers, and are instead working as bartenders, servers and other jobs that do not even require an undergraduate degree. Some have even found themselves on welfare and living with their parents. Not what you would expect from a highly education graduate.

About 14% of graduates between 2006 and 2010 are looking for full-time jobs because they are either unemployed or are only working part time. Studies also show that those graduates who had first job ‘careers’ fell from 30% to 22%. The numbers are not encouraging.

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