Lazy Law Professors

An article in Above the Law titled, “Stop Reusing Your Old Exams, You LAZY Law Professors!” discusses the repercussions, disadvantages, and anger that is spurred when students find out that professors are using the exact same exams semester after semester.

Law professors’ increasingly high employment salaries contribute substantially to the increasing costs of law school tuition. Yet, many professors continue to reuse the exact same exams for classes semester after semester, claiming that the exams are ‘new to the students’ so they do not have to be changed. The author of the article claims that three law school students, two of which are at law schools in the top ten rankings, have professors that are reusing exams, instead of writing new ones each semester. With today’s technology and the power of the internet, it is easy to find the old exams online, and even easier to find sample answers, making it easier for students to cheat.

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