What to Bring Establishing Custody and Parenting Time

Bring the following items so your visit can be productive. Make sure you bring everything you’ve received from the court.

  • Current court documents relating to the custody of the child(ren)
  • Documents relating to Order for Protections, Domestic Abuse, or Child In Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) proceedings
  • Proof of parentage (Recognition of Parentage “ROP” or court established father)
  • Current Court documents relating to child support
  • Demographic details for you and other parent including: Name, Birthdate, Social Security Number, Address, Phone Number
  • Verification of coverage and costs of: child care, medical and dental insurance
  • Verification of public assistance for the child
  • Verification of child support for the child (since the separation)

If child support has not been ordered then also bring current income information including:

  • Paystubs from employment, workers compensation, unemployment etc.
  • Verification of public assistance,  disability benefits etc.
  • Bank statements
  • Statements from any stocks, retirement plans, 401Ks etc.
  • Verification of spousal support payments (since this separation or from a previous marriage)
Bring everything! (when in doubt, bring it)