What to Bring Divorce

The clinic uses an online form process through the Minnesota Courts and this process generally takes 2 or more hours. If we can’t complete the paperwork in one visit, some clients choose to return for a second clinic appointment. The attorneys at the clinic can answer questions about the forms and process but cannot provide advice on court appearances or the possible resolution of your case.

You may find it helpful to review the “What to expect… DIVORCE in Minnesota” and Is a pro se divorce right for me?

Please bring the following documents to your Saturday appointment. Make sure you bring everything you’ve received from the court.

  • Notice of dissolution (if papers have already been filed)
  • Order for protection/Retraining order (if either spouse has one currently in place)
  • Demographic details for you and spouse including: Name, Birthdate, Social Security Number, Address, Phone Number
  • Date & location of marriage
  • Current income information
    1. Paystubs from employment, workers compensation, unemployment etc.
    2. Verification of public assistance,  disability benefits etc.
    3. Bank statements
    4. Statements from any stocks, retirement plans, 401Ks etc.
    5. Verification of spousal support payments (since this separation or from a previous marriage)
  • Current debt information
    1. Credit card bills
    2. Car, house or other loan statements
    3. Student loan statements
  • Insurance information
    1. Medical
    2. Dental
    3. Homeowners/renters
  • Information about any property you own, including your home, land, buildings, vehicles, or contracts for deed owned (including the legal description of property from the deed and the amount owed on any property)

If kids are involved, you also need:

  • verification of costs of: child care, medical and dental insurance
  • verification of public assistance for the child
  • verification of child support for the child (since the separation)

 Bring everything! (when in doubt, bring it)