What to Bring Child Support Modification

Bring the following items so your visit can be productive. Make sure you bring everything you’ve received from the court.

The items in bold are essential; all items will make the process faster, easier, and more accurate.

  • Current Child Support Order
  • Proof of current income (ie. pay stubs, W2s, 2012 or 2013 tax returns)
  • Any other Child Support Orders (and the amount of child support obligations)
  • Verification of child care costs (for all children)
  • Cost of medical and dental insurance (both individual and family coverage)
  • Proof of disability (ie. doctor’s statement including work restrictions)
  • Verification of receipt of public assistance
  • Verification of unemployment compensation and proof of unemployment (ie. a letter from your former employer)

If kids are involved, you also need:

  • verification of costs of: child care, medical and dental insurance
  • verification of public assistance
Bring everything! (when in doubt, bring it)