Our Mission

We represent the students.

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the student body, the SBA aspires to represent each unique student. To accomplish this goal, the SBA listens to the problems and concerns accompanying each student and advocates the pertinent issues to crucial decision makers. The SBA supports and promotes diverse student organizations to supplement education, professional growth and socialization. Hosting annual social events, the SBA promotes friendships and professional relationships.

Our Vision

To provide diverse and enriching professional, extracurricular and social opportunities to the student body while ensuring that the students’ interests are represented at every level and striving for the most efficient use of student activity fee dollars to benefit the maximum number of students.

Next SBA Board Meeting

The Board of Governors will meet Sunday, November 15, 2015, at 5pm.

*All board meetings are open to the general student body.

*Board meetings are held the second Sunday of every month during the academic year.