Academic Requirements

41 credits from…

Students will earn a minimum of 41 credits after completing the core-course and skills-course requirements.

36 Required Course Credits

Ten required courses taken during the first & second years

5+ Skills Course Credits

All students take the three-credit Advocacy course that focuses on client representation, negotiation and advocacy skills. Students must also take at least one required skills course. Advocacy is a prerequisite or co-requisite for some skills courses.

Remaining credits

The remaining credits are earned through elective, clinic or independent study/clinic work.

Bar Courses

A list of subject areas and the Mitchell courses that address bar exam subjects (for your information only)

86 credits to earn a JD

Earning a juris doctor degree at William Mitchell requires students to successfully complete 86 credits. You will earn a minimum of 46 credits by meeting core-course, skills, and statutory-course requirements. The remaining credits are earned through electives, including clinics, independent study, or independent externship. There also are several work and residency standards that the American Bar Association requires law school students to follow throughout the course of their education.

Total Credits

Minimum: 86 Credits
Maximum: 89 Credits

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