Bar Courses

Applicants for admission by examination to the Minnesota Bar are tested on some of the following subjects in the essay portion of the examination. We offer this list of subject areas and the courses that address these subjects for your information only. It is up to each student to decide how many bar courses he/she wishes to take while in law school.

Bar subject tested Comparable William Mitchell course
Business   Organizations Business   Organizations
Conflict of   Laws Civil Dispute   Resolution II
Constitutional   Law Liberties: Advanced   Legal Reasoning, Constitutional Law – Powers
Contracts Contracts:   Transactional Law, Commercial Law Survey
Criminal Law   and Procedure Criminal Law:   Statutory Interpretation, Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Evidence Evidence
Family Law Family Law, Family   Law Survey
Federal Civil   Procedure Civil Dispute   Resolution, Civil Dispute Resolution II
Negotiable   Instruments Commercial Law Survey
Real Property Property:   Jurisprudential and Comparative Analysis
Secured   Transactions Secured Transactions
Torts Torts: The Common Law   Process
Wills, Estates   and Trusts Estates and Trusts,   Estates and Trusts Survey