Writing and Representation: Advice and Persuasion (WRAP) (1410)

Multifaceted study of skills that are fundamental to representing clients effectively and responsibly. Includes interviewing a client, researching the law and commentary in paper and computer media, reading the law, reasoning about a client’s situation in light of the law, writing office memos and advice letters, counseling a client, negotiating and drafting contracts, settling cases through demand letters and negotiation, and arguing motions in writing and orally. Instruction is through 12-person small group classes, six-person representation exercises, individual conferences, and large-group demonstrations and discussions.

Grading: Letter graded.

Credits: Year-long; 3 credits each semester

Offered: Fall/Spring

First-year required

Subject Areas:
Practice Skills and Related Subjects:: edit ::

Taught by: Gregory Duhl Kenneth Kirwin Mehmet Konar-Steenberg Lisa Needham Amie Penny Sayler Dean Raths Deborah Schmedemann Hon. Kirsten M. Tate Aaron Young

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