Food Law and Policy Seminar (1957)

This course will explore some of the many legal issues related to food, from farm to fork and beyond. It will review basic regulatory issues - the roles of FDA, USDA, and other agencies in regulating food production and safety, FDA approval of ingredients and oversight of labeling and marketing, and local menu labeling standards, for example. Seminar participants will also consider agricultural law topics such as organic standards, regulation of genetically engineered crops and animals, pesticide use, and national farm policy, and may explore issues of personal responsibility and tort claims arising from food consumption (such as recent litigation about obesity and E coli outbreaks.)

Because this is a seminar, participants will play an active role in presenting material. Grading will be based on two short projects, a presentation, and a final exam. Interested students may also write their long papers for independent research credit in conjunction with the course.

Grading: Letter graded. The grade is based on short written exercises, a research paper, and an in-class presentation.

Prerequisite(s): No prerequisites. Administrative Law is a recommended prerequisite.

Credits: 2

Offered: e/o Spring

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically

Subject Areas:
Administrative and Legislative Process:: edit ::

Taught by: Donna Byrne

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