Wrongful Convictions (2106)

This course will examine the reasons behind wrongful convictions in the United States. There are many people in this nation convicted of, and serving time for, crimes they did not commit. Currently over 200 people have already been exonerated of crimes for which they were convicted. The course will include lecture, discussion and guest speakers about eyewitness identification, false confessions, snitches and informants, government misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, forensic science including DNA testing, post-conviction remedies, the death penalty, media and investigative journalism, and racial bias. The course will also include in-class exercises designed to help deal with these issues as a practitioner. Note: this course is not a clinical course.

Grading: Letter-graded. There will be a midterm assignment and a final assignment. Grading will be based upon those assignments and in class participation.

Credits: 2-credits

Offered: Spring


Subject Areas:
Criminal Law:: edit ::

Taught by: Julie Jonas

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