Civil Procedure (2200)

Required. Provides an introduction to the civil justice system in the United States, with an emphasis on the rules governing civil litigation and the social values and public policy choices inherent in those rules. Topics include: the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, pleading, adjudication by motion, litigation and non-litigation remedies, personal and subject matter jurisdiction, choice of law between judge and jury, post-trial proceedings, judicial review, preclusive effects of judgments, and simple and complex joinder mechanisms.

Grading: Exam

Credits: 5: year-long, 3 credits fall semester, 2 credits spring semester.

Offered: Fall/Spring

First-year required

Subject Areas:
Bar Preparation
Civil Procedure:: edit ::

Taught by: Peter Erlinder Eric Janus Dylan McFarland Carl Moy Ted Sampsell-Jones Sandra S. Smalley-Fleming Eric Tostrud Edward Toussaint

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