Evidence, Advanced (2520)

The principal focus of the basic Evidence course is on the rules of evidence that govern trials in the state and federal courts. The principal focus of the Advanced Evidence course is on the theoretical and policy considerations that underlie those rules. Students read a series of excerpted articles that explore those considerations in areas such as the nature and interpretation of evidence law, the bases of scientific and other expert opinion evidence, privileges, character evidence, and hearsay. Students prepare short, written analyses of the articles prior to each class. Students who have a strong interest in a particular subject area have the option, subject to the approval of the instructor, to do research and write an Advanced Research and Writing paper in that area.

Grading: Grade is based on the written analyses (and longer paper, if any) and student contribution to class discussion.

Prerequisite(s): Evidence

Credits: 3

Offered: Irregularly


Subject Areas:
Criminal Law
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