Drug and Device Law Seminar (3006)

This course examines the role of the Food and Drug Administration in the regulation of prescription drugs and medical devices, the tort liability of drug and device manufacturers, the novel legal issues that arise from the acknowledged risks and side-effects associated with the use of such products, the role of physicians in prescribing them, and the policy-based legislative limits on the liability of those who develop and manufacture them. The course may also include a discussion of the economics of new products innovation.

Grading: Letter-graded. Grades will be based on long papers, shorter papers on readings, in-class paper presentations and class participation.

Prerequisite(s): Products Liability Seminar is recommended.

Credits: 2

Offered: Irregularly

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically

Subject Areas:
Health Law
Product Liability and Personal Injury
Torts:: edit ::

Taught by:

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