Deals and Dispute Resolution: A One-Week Simulation (3014)

This is a one-week intensive simulation course in which students will simulate making deals and resolving disputes as lawyers, with emphasis on reviewing documents, identifying legal issues, counseling clients orally and in writing, negotiating, drafting, and working collaboratively. The course focuses on the student’s role as a professional and enables the student to identify strengths and weaknesses for further professional development. Students will research and write on a range of related doctrinal issues, including business law, privacy law, international law, intellectual property, and constitutional law.

Grading: Letter graded.

The student’s grade will be based on written memos, class participation, in-class presentations, and a final project, which includes drafting a full agreement. There is no final exam.

Credits: 3 credits

Offered: Summer


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Taught by: Gregory Duhl Leanne Fuith Jim Hilbert

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