Social Networks and Virtual Worlds (3101)

This course examines cutting-edge issues in the electronic commercial settings of social networks (such as Facebook , Twitter, and photo-sharing sites) and virtual worlds (online games that provide a social environment and "leveling" games where the players advance by performing tasks). These electronic settings are generating a wide range of issues in contracts (including end-user-license-agreements (EULAs) and terms of use), rights in virtual property (such as electronic possessions and avatars), torts (including cyber-bullying and defamation), crimes, privacy, data breach notification statutes, copyright, trademark, payment and banking law, securities regulation, taxation, and jurisdiction. This course will focus on practical applications of these diverse topics and will often feature visiting attorneys from a wide range of disciplines, who contribute analytical insight and practice tips to the class discussion. Students will learn how to lawyer on the edge of the lawhow to serve a client who is operating in areas beyond the laws certainty.

Grading: Letter-graded. Based on class participation, small assignments, and a final exam.

Prerequisite(s): Must complete 1st year curriculum, including contracts, property, and torts.

Credits: 2-credits

Offered: Spring


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Taught by: Christina Kunz

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