Externship - Work of the Lawyer (3290)

Work of the Lawyer students engage in a rigorous study of the often-conflicting moral, professional, financial, personal, and political imperatives inherent in the work of the lawyer. The course consists of two components: a seminar component worth two credits and a field experience worth either one or two credits. The seminar component involves reading, discussion and writing about the theoretical social and political underpinnings of the lawyer's role and work in the legal system, and about the personal and professional values, goals, and concerns of the students. Students will be required to lead seminar discussions. The course requires several written submissions in which students reflect on their field experiences, the readings, and their own values. The objective of the field experience is to observe or work alongside a lawyer as he or she engages in a variety of lawyering activities. The focus will be to observe the informal, behind-the-scenes activities of lawyers. Once students attend the second class, they cannot drop the course.

Note that students are responsible for finding their own field placements; in extreme circumstances, the instructors can help with a placement.

Grading: Class participation, class presentation, written reflections. Seminar is graded; field experience is pass/fail.

Prerequisite(s): Co-Req: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving & Professional Responsibility

Credits: 2 credits: Seminar only, current employment to satisfy field work requirement. 3 or 4 credits: Seminar plus 1 or 2 additional credits for unpaid field work.

Offered: Fall/Spring


Subject Areas:
Clinics and Externships
Practice Skills and Related Subjects:: edit ::

Taught by: Jerry A. Burg Peter Knapp

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