Mindfulness Skills for Legal Practice (3298)

This experiential course will provide training in mindfulness -- the ability to be fully aware and present. This ability is a critical asset for lawyers in their interactions with judges, juries, clients, witnesses, opposing counsel and colleagues. The cultivation of mindfulness can also be a significant support in creating a sustainable and healthy legal practice. The course will provide training in formal modes of mindfulness meditation as well as more informal practices. This training will be used to explore and develop the following core skills for lawyers: (1) focused concentration; (2) balance and equanimity in the midst of conflict and pressure; (3) emotional intelligence; (4) resilient and adaptive response to stress; and (5) deep listening and effective communication. Students will read texts on mindfulness, the relationship of mindfulness to law practice, neuroscience research, stress physiology, and emotional intelligence.

Grading: Pass/Fail

Prerequisite(s): None, although concurrent or past registration in a clinical skills class may be helpful.

Offered: Fall


Subject Areas:
Practice Skills and Related Subjects:: edit ::

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