IP - Appellate Practice (3600)

This course is a skills-development class directed at teaching the specialized legal writing and oral advocacy skills needed to bring appeals of intellectual property disputes before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Through a combination of weekly written assignments, preparation of a written appellate brief, and delivery of an oral argument, students will learn the advocacy skills needed to successfully appeal a patent, trademark or copyright dispute to the CAFC, which has exclusive jurisdiction over such appeals. This graded class is a required prerequisite for participation in the Giles Rich (Patents) IP Moot Court Competition, the Saul Lefkowitz (Trademarks) IP Moot Court Competition, or the BMI/Cardozo (Copyrights) IP Moot Court Competition offered during Spring semester.

IP Appellate Practice may be used to satisfy the brief writing component of Advocacy (1 credit). Students who take IP Appellate Practice prior to, or concurrently with, Advocacy should contact the Registrar in order to be registered for 2-credits of Advocacy.

Grading: Letter graded.

Prerequisite(s): Open to any 2L or later with at least one prior or concurrent course in intellectual property law, or by permission of the Instructors

Credits: 2

Offered: Spring

Skills: Advanced Classes

Subject Areas:
Intellectual Property
Practice Skills and Related Subjects:: edit ::

Taught by: James A. Baker, Ph.D. Kristine F. Dorrain

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