IP - Entertainment Law (3900)

This course applies advanced legal principles to the specialized practice areas that compose "entertainment law." Through case studies, industry-related readings, and class discussions, the course will analyze the application of constitutional law, intellectual property law, contract law and tort law to the fields of film, music, publishing, television and radio, and emerging technology. Also discussed will be the unique role of agents and managers in the entertainment industry, and the professional ethics issues faced by attorneys who work as entertainment agents and managers. Copyright Law is a prerequisite for registering for this class; a working knowledge of basic copyright law is presumed. The course does not cover sports law.

Grading: Exam

Prerequisite(s): Co-requisite: IP - Copyright Law must be taken prior to, or concurrent with, this course.

Credits: 2

Offered: Spring


Subject Areas:
Intellectual Property:: edit ::

Taught by:

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