Family Law Legislation and Policy Externship (4015)

The course will offer students the opportunity to work closely with MSBA Family Law Section, particularly the Legislation Committee. The Legislation Committee reviews, analyzes, and considers the effect of any proposed policy or law that has a direct or indirect impact on the practice of family law in Minnesota. Students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced family law practitioners; observe and participate in family law legislation and policy formulation; attend and observe legislative committee and floor sessions; research legislation and policy issues; and, where possible, assist in drafting family law legislation.

Students will work with the MSBA Family Law Section and family law practitioners, as appropriate, and they will attend scheduled class meetings.

Grading: Students will receive ongoing feedback throughout the externship. They will also keep a reflective journal. Grading will be on a pass/fail basis.

Prerequisite(s): Family Law

Credits: 2

Offered: Spring


Subject Areas:
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