Feminist Jurisprudence (4070)

Feminist jurisprudence has been called one of the most important movements in legal scholarship today. Feminist scholars argue that the traditional body of law reflects the male emphasis on rights and abstractions while ignoring the distinctive perspectives of women. Scholarship spans every area of law, from sexual harassment to battered wives who kill their husbands; from the "no duty to rescue" rule to redefining fundamental legal concepts like what constitutes an injury. This course involves a review of selected issues in an effort to reconcile the law with the female experience. Limited enrollment.

Grading: Paper (With the instructor's prior approval, may satisfy the Advanced Research and Writing requirement.)

Credits: 3

Offered: Irregularly

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically

Subject Areas:
Jurisprudence and Legal History:: edit ::

Taught by: Denise Roy Sandra S. Smalley-Fleming

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