Research Workshop: Feminist Theory, Law, and Aging (4080)

This course will explore the themes of feminist theory as they relate to issues of gender and age, and show the connections between these themes and topics such as the family, employment discrimination, and violence against women. Readings will include essays on feminist legal theory, articles on the demographics of aging and their effect on social policy, and fiction (short stories and novels) about growing older. Classes will be conducted mostly through discussions.

We will meet seven weeks out of the first ten weeks of the semester. The last two or three weeks of the semester, students will present their papers and invite discussion. A 20-30 page paper of publishable quality is required; there is no final examination. This course will satisfy the long paper requirement.

Grading: Paper (This course will satisfy the Advance Research and Writing Requirement)

Credits: 3

Offered: Fall


Subject Areas:
Constitutional Law and Civil Rights
Jurisprudence and Legal History:: edit ::

Taught by:

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