Law Beyond Borders (4351)

This course is a broadly elementary introduction to Foreign, Comparative and International Law. It is designed for two groups of students. First, the course is designed for those students who have not yet determined their level of interest in these areas, and who would like to learn more about them in an introductory course. Second, the course is also designed for those students who know they are interested in these areas, and who would like to take an introductory course as preparation for later study in these areas at the College. The course covers Introductory Public International Law, Conflict of Laws, Introductory Comparative Law, the interplay between International Law and U.S. Constitutional Law, and various related issues. The course serves as an introduction to legal rules and institutions that affect U.S. persons, but relate to laws external to the U.S. (Professors Erstling, Konar-Steenberg, Port and Winer; 1 Semester Unit; Essay Exam.)


Prerequisite(s): None

Credits: 1 credit

Offered: J-Term


Subject Areas:
International and Comparative Law:: edit ::

Taught by: Mehmet Konar-Steenberg

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