Public International Law Research Workshop II (4359)

This course is designed to fulfill two objectives: (a) provide thorough preparation and appropriate experience for participation in the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, and (b) provide an opportunity for students to do detailed research, prepare an extensive brief, and practice oral-argument skills, in the area of Public International Law. Students spend most of the semester preparing a memorial regarding the Jessup Moot Court problem for that year, and then toward the end of the semester they practice oral argumentation based on their memorials. The official William Mitchell team for the following year’s Jessup Competition will be chosen from among the students in this workshop at the end of the semester.

Grading: Submission of full-length memorial (brief) and oral argument at end of Semester.

Prerequisite(s): pre- or co-requisite: Public International Law

Prerequisite: Public International Law Research Workshop I

Credits: 1

Offered: Fall


Subject Areas:
International and Comparative Law:: edit ::

Taught by:

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