ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), Advanced (4574)

Students in this course work together as a team to develop a professional-quality dispute resolution program for an actual client. Past clients have included Best Buy and Education Minnesota. Students must plan to approach the project with the discipline, rigor, and thoroughness expected of any legal professional retained by a client. This will sometimes require spending significant amounts of time outside of class developing and executing the project. Outside work may include conducting interviews and research, meeting with the client, attending class committee and sub-committee meetings, participating in group drafting and editing sessions, and planning presentations. Although this project will give students additional understanding of alternative dispute resolution processes, it will also provide significant challenges in the areas of project management, group communication, and group cohesion. As legal professionals, students will be required to log their time and submit final reports that detail their individual and committee contributions.

Grading: Letter-graded. Grades will be based on participation in the project, including written contributions, as well as a possible additional activity which will be announced at the beginning of the class. (With the instructor’s prior approval, may be used to satisfy the Advanced Research and Writing requirement.)

Prerequisite(s): ADR

Credits: 3

Offered: Spring

Skills: Simulated Courses

Subject Areas:
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Taught by: Jim Hilbert

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