Mental Health Law Seminar (4840)

Covers the nature of mental illness, mental retardation and other mental disabilities; the provision of treatment and services for mental disabilities: financing, regulation, and administration; involuntary hospitalization and treatment; the right to treatment and services; incompetence and substitute decision-making mechanisms; informed consent; confidentiality, privacy, privilege and the duty to warn; mental disability and the criminal justice system; lawyering and mental disabilities; ethical and practical issues; change and mental disability systems; and the efficacy of litigation as a change agent. This course will be co-taught by a forensic psychiatrist.

Grading: Paper (With the instructor's prior approval, may satisfy the Advanced Research and Writing requirement).

Credits: 2

Offered: e/o Fall

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically

Subject Areas:
Health Law
Poverty Law:: edit ::

Taught by: Eric Janus

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