Persuasive Legal Writing (5070)

Develops skills in writing to persuade. The premise is that persuasive legal writing involves two distinct skills: the ability to analyze source materials and the ability to use the rules of grammar and style to state this analysis and the conclusions the writer effectively draws from this analysis. Course materials consist of hypothetical fact situations and statutes, regulations and cases distributed before each course segment, as well as examples of good and bad writing, which include both legal and non-legal writing. Class discussions analyze the legal materials as they relate to the hypotheticals, review rules of grammar and style, and analyze the writing samples and the written assignments prepared by students. Students write fact statements, issue statements and arguments based on the hypothetical facts and the legal materials distributed for the assignment. No research will be required. The students' work is reviewed by the professor and discussed in subsequent classes. The course grade is based on performance on the class assignments and a final paper. Limited enrollment.

Grading: Paper

Credits: 2

Offered: Fall/Spring

Skills: Simulated Courses

Subject Areas:
Practice Skills and Related Subjects:: edit ::

Taught by: Helen Mary Hughesdon

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