IP - Comparative and International Copyright and Trademark Law (5115)

The major international law treaties in copyrights and trademarks are studied, including the Berne Convention, the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, and TRIPs. Additionally, important regional agreements in copyrights and trademarks are covered, including NAFTA and the European Union. Furthermore, the principal distinctions between civil law and common law systems of jurisprudence will be analyzed, with an eye on predicting the future impact and development that these distinctions will have on the international copyright and trademark law.

Grading: The evaluation for this class is twofold. First, one half of the grade is based on a 10-15 page paper. Parameters, topics and resources will be announced in class. Second, one half of the grade is based on in class performance. In class performance includes "teaching" one class. Each student is assigned a one hour block of the class to teach. That student researches and prepares to teach an assigned topic, lectures where appropriate and leads discussion where appropriate.

Prerequisite(s): One of the following; Copyright Law, Trademark Law, or Intellectual Property Foundations.

Credits: 2

Offered: e/o Spring

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically

Subject Areas:
Intellectual Property
International and Comparative Law:: edit ::

Taught by: Kenneth Port

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