Remedies (5270)

You have obtained the knowledge and tools to determine and litigate when a breach of contract exists or tortious conduct has occurred. Do you know how to get your client what they want? Remedies is a course for the pragmatically-minded attorney who wants to understand the answer to the question, "The law was violated; so now what?"

In this course we seek to close the gap between the theoretical concepts of the law and the substantive remedies available to your client. Current case examples will be utilized, along with relevant cases from the text, to consider possible legal and equitable remedies available in various situations.

This is a dialogue-driven course, and includes the opportunity to draft and receive feedback on a pleading and proposed order related to a specific remedy considered in class. Remedies is often necessary for the bar exam to be able to fully answer what types of damages are available to your client - monetary or equitable.

Grading: In-class participation and presentation plus final paper.

Prerequisite(s): Recommended for third- or fourth-year students

Credits: 2

Offered: Spring


Subject Areas:
Civil Procedure:: edit ::

Taught by: Hon. Randall J. Slieter

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