IP - Intellectual Asset Management (5400)

This course is designed to immerse students in the processes involved in managing an intellectual asset portfolio. It is not about specific elements of any bundle of IP rights. Basic knowledge of patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secret will be assumed. The class will operate as a real world microcosm with each student assigned a fictional company to act as CHIEF IP COUNSEL managing an intellectual asset portfolio. We will break down the five areas of managing a portfolio

A: Identify Assets
B: Record Assets
C: Analyze Assets
D: Leveraging Assets
E: Enforce Your Rights

Students will participate through in depth reading assignment, classroom activities/assignments, lecture and guest speakers.

Students will be expected to understand how to develop strategy for:

A: Identifying innovation,
Practice interviews with R&D and Brand Development including developing questionnaires
B: Determining how to protect innovation that fits into the overall strategy of an organization
C: Managing the protection process.
Maintenance and Renewal
Other Avenues
D: Peripheral Agreements
Joint Development
Sale of Assets
Transfer of Assets
E: Recording Assets
What to track
Docketing vs. IAM
How to Achieve goals when selecting systems
F: Leveraging issues
Joint Development
Thought Leader (to gain greater knowledge)
Cross-licensingG: Portfolio Ratings - streamline the process of making portfolio decisions.
How to Rate
When to Rate
H: Developing an IAM Strategy

Students may also write their Long Paper in Intellectual Asset Management.

Grading: Letter grade; paper and class participation

Credits: 3 credits

Offered: e/o Spring

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically
Skills: Simulated Courses

Subject Areas:
Intellectual Property:: edit ::

Taught by: Susan Prohofsky Krelitz Matthew R. Kyle

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