Clinic - The Reentry Clinic (7002)

Students provide civil legal services and other assistance to women leaving prison in Shakopee, Minnesota. This clinic uses a holistic model of representation through collaboration with a social worker.

Students in this clinic will provide civil legal services to women reentering society and also will provide other creative assistance with barriers to reintegration. Students will work closely with the Department of Corrections and many local social services agencies to assist clients. Students will work with 4-6 women per semester. Students will represent clients from initial interviews through conclusion of court cases, including all court appearances.

Grading: Letter-graded.

Prerequisite(s): Pre- or Co-requisites: Advocacy (WMCL)*

Professional Responsibility, or Practice, Problem-Solving and Professional Responsibility (HUSL)

Students in their last semester of law school may take the Re-Entry Clinic for the first time ONLY with the permission of the instructors.

*Hamline students who have not yet had the opportunity to take advocacy may have this requirement waived by the instructor if they have received sufficient instruction in LRW and other skills courses at HUSL.

Credits: 2-credits

Offered: Fall/Spring

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically
Skills: Clinics and Externships

Subject Areas:
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Taught by: Diana Villella Larson Joanna Woolman

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