Externship - Criminal Justice: Prosecution (7110)

This externship involves students in numerous courtroom appearances on behalf of the prosecution in all phases of the misdemeanor case.

Students prosecute misdemeanor cases and attend skills exercise classes. Each student, under the direct supervision of a practicing city attorney, observes and conducts the charging of cases, arraignments, pretrial conferences, court trials and, where possible, a jury trial. Classroom discussions consider both the prosecution and defense roles and focus on special areas of importance to the misdemeanor practitioner, with an emphasis on the DWI and Implied Consent Laws.

Grading: Pass/Fail

Prerequisite(s): Pre-req: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Advocacy.

Co-Req: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving & Professional Responsibility

Credits: 3 or 4

Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

Skills: Clinics and Externships

Subject Areas:
Clinics and Externships
Criminal Law
Practice Skills and Related Subjects:: edit ::

Taught by: Martin J. Costello Katrina Joseph

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