Externship - Bankruptcy Law Externship (7113)

The course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to observe, participate in, analyze, and reflect upon the work of a consumer bankruptcy lawyer. Students perform pro bono representation of consumer debtors under the supervision of a bankruptcy lawyer. Fieldwork supervision must be provided by an attorney, and students receiving credit for the externship may not be paid for their work. In addition to doing fieldwork, students meet as a group once every other week and individually with the class professors several times during the semester. Class sessions will cover topics relating to the work of a consumer bankruptcy lawyer. Students interested in registering for the course must obtain the approval of Professor Duhl during registration.

Grading: Pass/Fail

Prerequisite(s): Preference given to students who have taken, or are currently enrolled in, Bankruptcy or Bankruptcy Survey.

Credits: 2-credits

Offered: Fall

Skills: Clinics and Externships

Subject Areas:
Clinics and Externships:: edit ::

Taught by: Stephen Creasey Hon. William Fisher

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