Lawyer as Business Owner(fka The Business of the Practice of Law) (8293)

The private practice of law is a business. In order to be successful, lawyers must learn to think like business owners as well as legal professionals. This course will introduce students to the elements of a successful law practice including law firm culture, organization and leadership, business and financial planning and management, marketing and client development, client relationship management and staffing and resource management. This course is intended to give you the basic foundation in the business aspects of law necessary to enable you to operate your own practice or become a financially productive member of a large, medium or small firm.

Classes will include lecture, discussion, guest speakers, and projects and students will gain experience in business negotiation and problem-solving and drafting key business documents including client memorandums and organizational plans and agreements. Grading will be based on a series of writing assignments as well as participation during class discussion and exercises. There is no final exam.

Grading: Letter graded

Prerequisite(s): Professional Responsibility

Credits: 2

Offered: Spring


Subject Areas:
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