The Business of the Practice of Law (Law Firm Management) (8293)

This workshop course is an introduction to the financial, economic, and interpersonal realities of the practice of law in an established law firm setting. The goal is to create an awareness of those common elements and their impact on the routine, everyday opportunities, choices, and frustrations that are part of practice as a law firm’s associate, aspiring partner, shareholder, or part owner. Since no two law firms are the same, the course will not provide answers to the issues and problems that will arise as an individual’s practice develops. But students are exposed to some of the basic concepts affecting life within a law firm that can be used both to evaluate individual law firms and to analyze those issues and problems. The course and five breakout sessions will require familiarity with the Smith Jones P.A. Background Information and referenced financial data provided to each student in advance of the first class, together with additional materials that are discussed and provided during each class. Breakout sessions will involve financial calculations requiring a calculator (recommended) or an extremely agile mind.

Grading: Pass/fail

Credits: 1

Offered: Summer/J-Term


Subject Areas:
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